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So, why work with me?

I am not your average writer

Yes, I am a persuasive and creative writer. I will tell your story, describe your product or write your appeal with both precision and flair. I'll make sure your communications are polished, informative and interesting. But I am also a project manager, mentor and team contributor.


I have always loved writing. My career started on Wall Street and advanced quickly because I excelled at connecting with customers, colleagues and vendors both in writing and in person. Now, as manager of a consulting company over the last decade, I work with clients in the retail, financial, non-profit and IT sectors – reworking or building websites, creating marketing and communications assets, managing projects, and recruiting staff.

My expertise is broad-based and deep. I have honed my diverse skill set over many years. I am “seasoned” which, as you know, is code language for “I’ve been around a long time and have lots of great experience to offer you.”

What does that mean for you? 

It means that I am old enough to bring the common sense and perspective that comes with experience but young enough to still have my finger on the pulse. I am the professional you need who brings credibility and integrity, but whom you don’t need to train and don’t want to pay full-time. As a copywriter I can connect with your audience and help your business grow. If you have a communications project you need help with let me help you “get it write”.

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